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¡Wow! Artista crea versiones realistas de los más tiernos personajes animados

¡Nos encantó Boo de Monster Inc!

Tatiana, más conocida como TatiMoons en Instagram, es una joven artista que la rompe con sus impresionantes dibujos.

A sus 19 años ya tiene casi 69 mil seguidores en la red social, donde publica la versión realista de tiernos personajes de series y películas animadas.

Entre sus dibujos se encuentran réplicas de Las Chicas Superpoderosas, Blancanieves, la Bella Durmiente, Sailor Moon, Boo de Monster Inc, y muchas más.

Tatiana dibuja desde que era pequeña, pero hace dos años comenzó a publicar su trabajo en Instagram, donde logró sobresalir rápidamente debido a la calidad de sus creaciones.

Revisa algunos de sus dibujos a continuación:

Here is my version of a grown up Violet from The Incredibles! shoutout to her bc she is the reason I wanted to be a emo when I was like 6 🐣 HD images, process and more on my patreon page 🐣 ____ tools: paint tool sai + photoshop cs6 + wacom intuos art. took around 15 hours. ____ And about the art, I kept her dark cool style I think and I wanted to add her some tattoos but wasn’t sure which ones so I finally forgot 🤦🏻‍♀️ and about the t shirt welllll when I started looking for references of her, I was only founding that ‘he looked at me’ gif that is fucking viral and it’s ok but now I wanted her to be like an independent woman so yeah that’s why the t shirt. And ups since her breast are not as big as my Boo one, I guess there will be no males offended because ‘shE IssS sHowiNg LikkEEe A LooOot aNd LOoOk LikkE a hOoe’ 😧 sorry my girls if you have to listen to that shit, I wanted to say I love u all 💕 edit: for the ppl who asked about the bad comments of the Boo painting, there were in a fanpage acc, not in my instagram acc. there are still some left but mostly were deleted by the ppl who wrote them

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| Fanart painting of my grown up version of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 🌸✨ ____ I am really sorry because this not look as ‘realistic’ as the other ones I have (I have no a realistic style but you get me). Please forgive me, I am trying to learn new things and this is my first background, and the pose is not as static as always. I have to improve a lot!!! You can comment a tip for backgrounds and compositions and we all can help each other!😢 ____ Second, if you think she is Asian it’s not that true, she lives in Japan but it’s technically an alien since she is from the Moon. As I said, I decided to go white with her bc since there are many girls I will make them some asians some blacks and even with alien stuff etc ♡ ____ And about the art, I decided to go with her at night time having fun in her bedroom with her phone and computer and all that things. The outfit is very simple but tbh almost we all are that confortable when we are around our beds. And many of you asked me why she has a scar, I supposed that since she is a fighter she has to have some of them, look badass and I love it! Planned to add her a ‘fight like a girl’ tattoo but damnit I love scarifications and I think is more original that way. Sorry for this super short description I don’t think anybody read this but 😂😂 _____ tools: photoshop cs6 (default brushes) and paint tool sai (custom brushes). surface pro 2 with my wacom intuos art tablet. took around 18-20 hours (aka forever)

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| My painting fanart of a grown up Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls! 👉🏻 Swipe to see full painting and details! 💙💙💙 Not much to say, I love the colors! In my version she is not that happy, you know growup superheroes things 🤷🏻‍♀️ I loved her when she cried so that is why I put that sad face, tears and ‘sadgirl’ tattoos!🖤 And the arm tattoo is by sugarbones.net, I didnt design it!!! But is so cool, I had to put that on her. Oh, and I also added an ‘Octi’ sticker in her 90s dress! I really hope u all like my version!!! edit: the tattoo in her arm says: “don’t gimme a cause to use my claws” ♡ edit2: the instagram of the tattoo design is @sugarbone !!! _____ done in paint tool sai w custom brushes and photoshop cs6 and my intuos pen tablet, took around 10 hours

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