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“The Atlas of Beauty”, el libro que retrata la verdadera belleza femenina alrededor del mundo

¡La diversidad es el secreto!

En 2013, la fotógrafa rumana Mihaela Noroc comenzó a viajar por el mundo, lo que le permitió conocer diferentes culturas y religiones.

Después de conocer los cinco continentes, decidió que la mejor manera de expresar la belleza de cada país era a través de sus mujeres, por lo que creó “The Atlas of Beauty” o el Atlas de la Belleza, en su traducción al español.

El libro está compuesto por 500 fotografías de diferentes mujeres que retratan a la perfección la diversidad de bellezas que existe alrededor del mundo.

“Pasé el momento más desafiante de mi vida, pero también el más hermoso. El resultado de este largo viaje por casi 60 países es el Atlas de la Belleza”, afirmó su autora en septiembre de 2017 cuando el libro vio la luz.

Revisa algunas de las imágenes a continuación:

There’s something special about the island of Sardinia, Italy. Sardinians gather often for festivals and parades to present their beautiful outfits, dances and music. I met her in a day of August, during the Feast of the Redeemer in Nuoro. Unlike most of the participants who wear their own costumes, young Frederica never had one, but always dreamed to join a parade. So she borrowed a costume for this occasion…a widow costume. “I have to pose as a widow because this is my role today.” ——————— Christmas is coming and The Atlas of Beauty Book might be the perfect gift for your beloved ones and the best way to tell them “You are beautiful”. Follow the link in bio, if you want to purchase it.

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Today is the International Day of the Girl Child. A moment to think about the inequality of our world. There are many places on earth where giving birth to a girl is seen as bad luck. Or places where little girls suffer genital mutilation, they are forced to marry at an early age or don’t have access to education. And sometimes these are not exceptions, but norms. I met this young Yazidi girl from Syria in a refugee camp from the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. Hasa was feeling fortunate that she’s alive and has the chance to study. Unfortunately she lost six of her small cousins when Isis attacked her village in Syria. In many parts of the word life is so cruel and unfair. I just hope the girls and boys of today will make tomorrow the world a better place for everyone. It’s us who have to educate them in this spirit.

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Tutku is from Istanbul, Turkey. She experienced many heart breaking moments in her life, but her positive spirit always gave her the strength to move forward. Her mother had several miscarriages before giving birth to her. When she was a child, her father paralysed and Tutku had to start working for a living at an early age. Her determination paid off and a few years ago she became a chef. But again life hit her hard. One day Tutku totally lost her hearing. She went to many doctors but her case seemed hopeless. “Once, I was staying on my balcony. And I closed my eyes and said to myself: If, when I will open my eyes, I will see at least a bird on the sky that means I will hear again. I was afraid to open my teary eyes and I stayed a long time like that. When I finally had the courage to look on the sky, I saw two birds.” After a while Tutku received an innovative implant that provides a sense of sound. Now she can work again, as a chef, but her hearing is still weak and that’s a huge challenge in a busy restaurant. But Tutku didn’t complain, when we met. In the contrary: She was grateful for every second of her new life. #TheAtlasOfBeauty #AroundTheWorld #Turkey

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